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Designs So Good, They Make People Cry.

Katagraphics is an award-winning design studio based in northern California, specializing in web development, graphic design and brand identity. Our custom designs are made to help you stand out from the competition, connect with your audience, and give you a visual identity that’s thoughtful, cohesive, and impossible to forget.

Whether it’s web development or physical print materials, our designs are backed by research, tailor-made for every business, and follow modern principles to create designs that look great and perform.

(One more thing you should know about us: – we might make you cry. Only out of joy because the work looks so good, but we thought we should warn you, because it’s happened before…)

“The new website looks amazing! SERIOUSLY KATHY, I CRIED! It looks SO SO SO GOOD”

Rachel Oster

Co-Founder • WISR 

Meet Kat - Founder of Katagraphics

Hey there, I’m Kat, an award-winning graphic designer and web developer based in Northern California. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Media Design, with a concentration in web development, and over 8 years experience, I  approach each project as a chance for growth in our ever-evolving design universe.

I believe there is a sweet spot where design meets functionality without breaking the bank. This is why I founded Katagraphics—to bridge the gap between stunning visuals and affordability, making great design accessible to businesses of all levels.

I’ve worked with clients all over the world, and focus on helping clients get confident about their design, deliberate about their branding, and, sometimes, a little smug about how good they look.

Kat Amaral owner of katagraphics

Design Solutions Tailored Just For You.


Discover Your Identity.
Grow With It Forever.

Web Design

Grab Their Attention.
Make Them Stay.

Digital Design

You have big ideas.
We bring them to life.

Print Design

Change Platforms.
Stay On Brand.

Unique Designs. Always the Same Process.

Research Lead Design

All our projects are custom (because every brand is different) but some things always stay the same. Our designs are led by targeted market research, responsive on every platform, and functional in the ways that matter, so you don’t just look good - you also get results.

We Are Really Good Listeners

When we work with you, we listen to what you want, and that’s what comes first. We’re known for our professionalism, our communication, and for working with our clients (meaning we don’t just go radio silent or leave you stranded with designs you don’t know how to implement)

Concept to Creation: Empowering Your Vision

From the first meeting, through the creative process, all the way to handing over your designs, we’re here to help you realize your vision and put it into action.

Ready For A New Partner In Design?

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