Leading Indicator Systems

Project Deliverables

Digital Design

Whitepaper Layout and Design

Infographic Design

Social Media Graphics

LIS Inforgraphic design

Leading Indicator Systems

Leading Indicator Systems (LIS) specializes in crafting, hosting, and supporting survey solutions aimed at illuminating human capital matters. Recently, LIS introduced AgileBrain, an innovative technology capable of mapping emotions across various domains such as self, work, social, and spiritual aspects of human life. 

Project Brief

To facilitate audience understanding and promote the AgileBrain product, we collaborated closely with the CEO and head scientist, producing a range of designs for educational and outreach purposes.

Our first step was to simplify a complex research document into easily digestible content, avoiding overwhelming text. Using data visualization, icons, and flat illustrations, I designed an infographic to visually narrate the research paper’s key findings. 

The second step in the project was to take the data and research findings and create a guide that could be used by coaches in the field. A set of social media graphics was created to support the promotion of the AgileBrain product.

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